Alumni Statement

Alumni SSH

"SSTH was a useful preparatory school for real life and a great link to other education establishments. My favorite part of my studies was the personal environment and the learning by doing approach."

Aida Matuleviciute, SSTH Alumni 2009

About us

The SSTH Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality AG

For over 40 years, the Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality, (SSTH) has been a guarantee for an excellent education as well as a synonym for Swiss hospitality.

The highest teaching standards

The quality of the education comes first with us. Our emphasis lies on current trends and developments in the continuous improvement of our study programs to adapt to the ever-changing market requirements.

Applied theory

„Tell me and I will forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I will understand" This quote by Confucius underpins our teaching philosophy. Immersed in a hotel environment, students put theory into practice, preparing, cooking and serving colleagues and guests in our elegant dining room. As part of international project teams, students develop and implement solutions and professional business plans for real-life scenarios. We believe that only by undergoing this step-by-step process, and experiencing all facets of the profession, will they gain sufficient knowledge and self-confidence to excel.

"We care"

We believe strongly that quality comes before quantity. Only a limited number of students are admited each year to ensure learning remains challenging and student- focused.  Small class sizes result in increased personal and academic performance and our compact size thus is our competitive advantage!

Intercultural competence

In a world of globalization, we pride ourselves on the fact that we embrace cultural individualities. In doing so, we remain unique and less susceptible to comparison. We value cultural heritage and it has been inspirational in helping us sustain an environment of open-minded thinking. With around half of our student population being Swiss, the other half from over 40 nationalities, intercultural competence is an every day reality at SSTH.