The Tessin, just an hour over the mountains, has much to offer by way of its large lakes such as Maggiore, Comer and Lugano. On the shores of any of these, you can immerse yourself in pure Italian spirit: street cafés filled with clinking espresso cups and lively discussions. 

In a slightly different direction from Chur lie the destinations of Scuol, Pontresina and St. Moritz, collectively known as the Engadin. This region is well known for its breath-taking scenery and is often a relaxing get-away for the rich and famous.

As if that were not enough variety to discover within this country already, some of the greatest destinations in all of Europe are also waiting just around the corner. 

Europe‘s attractions call!

  • Munich Oktoberfest - beer culture with traditional costumes and carousing! 
    Trip: 3 h by SBB, worth trying: Augustiner & „A hoibs Händl "(half a rotisserie chicken)
  • Milan Shopping arcades - Prêt à porter with style, charm and melon! 
    Trip: 3.5 h by SBB, worth trying: Spremuta & Focaccia (Flat bread with olive oil)
  • Paris, the city of love - The Eifel Tower within your reach!
    Trip: 5.5 h by TGV, worth trying: Café au Lait & Petit Pain au Chocolat
  • Neuschwanstein - A dream castle without comparison! 
    Trip: 3.5 h by DB, worth trying: Bread time at the old town butcher's shop Ditsch 
  • The Alsace - The world of Tartes de flambé! 
    Trip: 4.5 h by SBB, worth trying: Alsatian tarts de flambé
  • Meran - Southern Tirol`s grape terraces! 
    Trip: 5 h by Rhätische Bahn + Postbus, worth trying: Knödel-Tris (dumplings)
  • Wallis - Apricots fresh from the tree! 
    Trip: 4 h by SBB, worth trying: Walliser honey
  • Tessin - Lakes, sun and the South!
    Trip: 2 h by Postbus, worth trying: Spaghetti with Pesto
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