Anmeldung - die fliegende Kuh
the art of creating an emotional experience

Achtung: alle Felder mit rotem Stern * müssen ausgefüllt werden, damit das Formular abgesendet werden kann!

Achtung: Maximal 2 reduzierte Tickets pro ABOPLUS-Karte!
Bitte geben Sie uns Ihre Unverträglichkeiten, Allergien, Vegetarier etc. an. Aufgrund der Menüzusammenstellung und der Abfolge der Speisen ist es uns jedoch nicht möglich, auf alle Wünsche Rücksicht zu nehmen. Wir informieren Sie bei jedem Gang über die Speisenzusammensetzung, so dass Sie Gänge auch weglassen können.
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Enjoy the new Diner Spectacle of the vocal ensemble Incantanti and let yourself be carried away into the future of Bündner cuisine!

Adventure evening with aperitif, 4-course menu, wine, drinks and coffee for CHF 190.-
Holders of an ABOPLUS card (max. 2 reduced tickets per ABOPLUS card) Alumni and friends of Incantanti pay CHF 160.-.

After the successful productions "Le petit Tuor" and "Ach, der Herr Saratz ..." Incantanti presents with "Die fliegende Kuh" their third musical and culinary story. Let yourself be surprised when a new generation of hoteliers tries to create THE "perfect experience".

What is at stake is a significant investment in the Bündner hotel industry. Decide with which concept "the cow should be made to fly". An entertaining, musically and culinary highly stimulating evening awaits you that touches all the senses.

Remarks: We offer tables for 10 people. Payment on site. Please indicate any incompatibilities, allergies, vegetarians etc. in the registration form. Due to the composition of the menu and the order of the meals, however, we are not able to take all wishes into consideration.

Arrival: We have only a few parking spaces on the Campus in Passugg. Arrival by public transport is recommended.

Host: Michael Hartmann
Chef: Gion Martin Fetz
Author & Director: Felix Benesch
Management: Christian Klucker      

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