Jul 26th to Aug 01st

09:00 am to 05:00 pm

Step into the exciting world of hospitality management in this prestigious summer program for high school and pre-university students.This one-week program of interactive workshops will give you a taste of the hospitality bachelor degree.

Junior Program for Future Hospitality Leaders
The EHL Junior Academy offers a balanced program of interactive workshops and fun activities to introduce students to the art of Hospitality Management.

  • Hospitality immersion
    Hands-on classes give you a chance to explore the latest trends in the hospitality sector. In culinary arts, you get to be a chef for a day. On excursions to local five-star hotels and vineyards, you get to see how a successful hospitality business operates.
  • Business concepts
    Our experienced faculty members will introduce you to the concepts of hospitality service excellence and restaurant management. Then, you will develop leadership and team-work skills through real-life hospitality case studies and projects.
  • International fun and friends
    This program attracts students from around the world for a week of shared experiences that build cultural awareness and international friendships.  Activities and excursions will allow you to relax and enjoy Switzerland’s tourism culture and amazing landscapes. 

For: Students aged 16-18.
Language: Sessions are in English (1 date is available in French)
Number of seats available per session:  Lausanne: 100 seats.  Passugg: 50 seats.

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