2nd semester, Swiss Professional Degree in Hospitality Management (2017)

As a student of Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality, what made you decide to study here?
I first started studying tourism in Como, but I was never quite satisfied with this choice. To earn money, I have always worked in restaurants and bars in different cities. Then I went for a longer stay at the front desk in a resort on the Maldives. I liked the varied guest contacts so much, that I began envisioning further training in Hospitality. Since Switzerland has such a good reputation in the hotel industry, I began looking for schools here and soon came across SSTH. I feel very comfortable here in Passugg, since it is not very far from my home in Ticino.

What are your career objectives? Do you already have plans on what you will do after SSTH?
I like the variety and diversity in hotels around the world, as well as in the people and cultures your meet. I’m not that interested in being a big manager, but it is important for me to work with interesting people in a lively environment. I feel most comfortable in a family environment, which is why I would like to work in the front office of a small hotel in a big city. The front office is my favourite workplace, but I also like Service and Housekeeping. I prefer the areas of a hotel with the most intensive contact with guests and colleagues.

Have you already been on internship? What did you like best during the internship semester?
No, I have not yet been on internship, but I’m really looking forward to a lively hotel or restaurant. I am a very communicative person who has no problems getting in touch with the most different people right from the start. In the internship, I would like to gain many new experiences and have a little fun as well.

What do you like most about SSTH?
Being back in school again was not easy. During the first semester it was especially tough, since I’ve been out of school travelling and working for a while, I first had to learn how to learn again. But the mix of theory and practical work has helped me a lot to link theoretical knowledge with practice. The passion of the lecturers for their profession has also infected me, igniting a real fire for hospitality and customer service. I like the life in the school hotel very much, especially the contact with all the other students. The upper semester students give me lots of tips and help, and I also appreciate the fact that there is always someone to spend leisure time together with.

Let’s talk about your personal and professional development. Where did you profit most?
I have definitely benefited personally. I have become more reliable, more punctual and more organized. I feel more sense of responsibility, have become more mature, and start to feel like a real professional.

Thanks for the interview.

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