1st semester Swiss Professional Degree (2017)

As a student of Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality, what made you decide to study here?
My parents used to have a bed and breakfast, and after a few detours into other things, I landed here in Passugg. After gymnasium, I enrolled for a semester at the University of Zurich for journalism and communication science. But the study course was too impersonal for me and I felt like only a number in the system. Then, to earn some money, I worked as a flight attendant. I loved the contact with the guests, but I missed a long-term perspective. Then, I remembered the school tour I made once in Passugg when I was about 18 but I did not follow up on. I have known of SSTH for a long time, since my parents have a holiday apartment nearby in Churwalden, and we always knew there was a hotel management school in Passugg when we passed through. I then registered again for another school tour and became convinced that this beautiful school hotel would be the right choice for my next step. The decision for SSTH was more of a gut feeling, and so far I think it was the right one.

What are your career objectives? Do you already have plans on what you will do after SSTH?
I like the contact and communication with other people very much. It’s a lot of fun to be there for the guests and to see their appreciation and gratitude. I would like to get into event management, and since I feel a hotel is almost an event in itself, I think this is the right industry for me.

Have you already been on internship? What did you like best during the internship semester?
No not yet. I would like to do the first internship in Switzerland. During Career Day at the school, more than 30 internships were presented and I was able to make the first contacts for some exciting jobs which I am applying for. I can imagine doing the second internship abroad, but I also like it very much in Switzerland, so I’ll probably want to stay longer here.

What do you like most about SSTH?
Life in the school hotel has some real advantages. Even though I could have commuted from our holiday apartment in Churwalden every day, I decided to stay in the school hotel instead. In the morning, breakfast is already made and the classrooms are close, and in the evening you don’t have to rush home, but can enjoy the evening with the others in the school hotel and have a glass of wine. I especially appreciate meeting and talking with others after the lessons, there is always someone to talk with. I remember well the start of the program. We had a group training exercise with project work and changing conversation partners. That was very funny at first, and you got to know the other students better. There are many different types of characters in the school, but if you get to know and respect each other, then it works quite well. So I appreciate the diversity here and that it’s uncomplicated and everyone supports each other.

Let’s talk about your personal and professional development. Where have you profited most so far?
I have become much more relaxed in the short time that I’ve been here. I am someone who always wants to make everything perfect, so I place a lot of pressure on myself. But I’ve learned to lighten up a little, which is good for me. Here in the school hotel, we do a lot of operational training, so you don’t always have to determine everything yourself and make it yourself—it’s the teamwork that counts. So I have been able to build up a lot of self-confidence in the service and kitchen practical classes. I feel a lot surer, for example, when carrying several plates. Being well prepared to go to the internship is for me a clear advantage of the practical, hands-on education.

Thanks for the interview.

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