1th semester, Swiss Professional Degree (2017)

As a student of Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality, what made you decide to study here?
I have completed my apprenticeship in culinary arts in western Switzerland. I quickly realized however, that I would like to become self-employed and be my own boss or manage a team. So I started looking for further training opportunities and quickly came upon SSTH, which I liked because of its comprehensive management training program without first needing to have a Matura, and the opportunity to complete the studies in English. My parents are from German-speaking Switzerland, but I grew up in western Switzerland, the French-speaking part. Speaking many different languages is important to me, so I decided to study in English at SSTH.

What are your career objectives? Do you already have plans on what you will do after SSTH?
My goal is to build my own business, but I’m not yet sure how the business model will look. To do this, I understand that I need knowledge in business management, accounting, marketing, etc. The combination of good food and service is what I particularly like and why I am fascinated by the hospitality industry, so I’m sure it will be something in this sector.

Have you already been on internship?
I am now in the first semester and I am looking forward to the first internship in Switzerland, possibly in western Switzerland, as this is closer to my family. The second internship I can well imagine doing abroad. On Career Day, I made the first contacts with potential employers.

What do you like most about SSTH?
I especially like the family cohesion at the SSTH. Everyone knows and supports each other. Also, it’s an optimal environment for learning in which one can concentrate well. It's really "cozy" here, and I enjoy relaxing in the fresh air of Graubünden. My favorite subjects include food and beverage and the business subjects. A major plus of SSTH is the internationality. Without English, you can’t succeed in the hospitality industry, and this international atmosphere is felt here in the school hotel.

Let’s talk about your personal and professional development. Where did you profit most?
The teaching is very demanding with the many different subjects. Nevertheless, there is still time to avoid taking everything too seriously. It is important to me that the work is also fun. Being a trained chef, I of course get on well with the kitchen team, especially with the house patissier.

Thanks for the interview.

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