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  1. Over the years, Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality has built up a strong relationship with a wide variety of industry partners. Today, the school relies upon this network, both within Switzerland and internationally, to the benefit of all our students.

    Our school has established close relations with the Grisons Tourism organization, as well as with the Swiss Hotel Association (SHA), who are also one of our minority shareholders. We therefore have direct access to the main influencers and experts of the Swiss hospitality industry.

    Just as important is our network in the local tourism and hospitality business sectors. Hotels and restaurants find well-trained personnel through us, giving SSTH access to a market which needs staff. Numerous sponsors also support our school, enabling us to realize projects in ways which we could not otherwise do.  

    Our active alumni network is particularly helpful for our students and young graduates looking for career opportunities. Over the past 50 years, a large number of ‘ambassadors' from SSTH have gone out into the world to enter positions of responsibility, thus building a continually increasing network and providing fresh ideas and new horizons.

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