Passugg, 19. Dezember 2019 - 23 students of the EHL Hotelfachschule Passugg (SSTH) received their diploma from the SSTH on Thursday, December 12, 2019. From now on they carry the title of "Dipl. Hôtelière-Restauratrice/Hôtelier-Restaurateur HF". 9 students completed the German class, 14 the English class. In addition, the first SSTH certificates were awarded to four young people with a migration background. The ceremonial speech was held by Andreas Züllig from the Schweizerhof Lenzerheide.

23 new professionals for the hotel and catering industry
During three years, the 23 graduates went through the training of the Higher Technical College (HF) at the EHL Hotel Management School Passugg (SSTH). Alina Fritzenwallner from Seftigen shone as the best in the German class with a grade of 5.4, Tim Schächter from Germany received the coveted award in the English class with a grade of 5.5, and Rebekka Gex-Fabry from hotelleriesuisse presented the donated prizes to the best in class.

Michael Hartmann, Managing Director/CEO of EHL Hotelfachschule Passugg (SSTH) opened the graduation ceremony with a brief review of what happened during the three years that the students lived on campus. One highlight was certainly the rebranding: the students now complete their education on an EHL campus with an EHL diploma. A contract was also signed with the Institute of Affective Sciences in Geneva to further advance the implementation of the most important soft skills in the curriculum academically. Further massive investments were made in the campus infrastructure, as the number of students across all programs grew to 345 today, with the proportion of international students now standing at 38%. Thanks to the alumni network, SSTH will continue to serve as their home away from home during their careers.

Andreas Züllig gave the keynote speech on "Digitalisation as a challenge and opportunity for tourism". As an example of both existing and newly conceived guest services, he presented the private start-up initiative "Discover.Swiss", which aims to provide guests in Switzerland with an easy-to-use smartphone platform for information and purchasing options. Such new digital platforms can be an invaluable source of inspiration for SSTH graduates and open up unimagined business opportunities for them.

Award ceremony
The two best diploma theses under the aspect of innovation and sustainability were written by Alina Fritzenwallner in the German department and Tim Schächter in the English department. When awarding the best business plan in the German course, the client, the “Stiftung Lernstatt Kangaroo”, decided that all members of the two groups should receive an award. They invested a lot of time and provided good ideas. For their 9000 m2 area in Malix, the Lernstatt was looking for new ideas of use. In the English department, the winning group wrote the best business plan "Bready - Fast Slow Food" (Amona Häusermann, Shaquille Bernhard, Tim Schächter, Puranjaye Bhatia and Sinthushan Sivakumar) with the grade 5.5.

First SSTH certificates awarded
The association "Courage your Way", whose aim is to integrate people with a migration background into the Swiss education system, was able to present four young people with an SSTH certificate at the diploma ceremony. They completed a 6-month introductory internship at the EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality (SSTH). With the certificate they should now be able to gain a foothold in Switzerland. The SSTH certificates were presented by Manuela Steiner from the association "Courage your Way" and Beatrice Schweighauser, the person responsible for the project at SSTH. The news that all four people already have a contract for an internship in a Swiss company encourages the initiators in their project to continue with this valuable program.

Managers in demand thanks to practical training
The EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality trains managers for the hospitality industry. The course of study for the "Dipl. Hôtelière-Restauratrice / Hôtelier-Restaurateur HF" is federally recognised and is classified as tertiary level 6 higher education. The degree is highly regarded in the industry, as it teaches a wide range of management skills in both strategic and operational topics, as well as sound and comprehensive practical knowledge. This high level of professional competence opens doors to exciting careers, both nationally and internationally. No degree without a future option—students of SSTH can return to Passugg to deepen their education by also completing EHL Bachelor in just three more semesters.


The Graduates at a glance::

Back from left to right: Sinthushan Sivakumar, Sri Lanka; Tim Schächter, Österreich; Colin Schäfer, Deutschland; Nicholas Gnägi, Bern; Eranjith Gamage, Sri Lanka; Puranjaye Bhatia, Indien.
Middle from left to right: Christina Meschede, Deutschland; Hyun Seok Ko, Südkorea; Shaquille Bernhard, St. Gallen; Alina Fritzenwallner, Seftigen; Belinda Good, Plons; Yide Han, China; Federica Sandrini, Lugano; Verena Ranjini Hugger, Männedorf.
Front from left to right: Elina Gruzdeva, Russland; Inthira Jankhuntot Chaiyaphum Thailand; Daraa Nocera, Lonay; Iris Nisanyan, Türkei; Kristina Vrabic, Winterthur; Céline Erhart, Würenlos; Chiyomi Yokoo, Japan; Anina Caviezel, Wettswil; Amona Häusermann, St. Gallen.

Project team Courage your Way and recipient SSTH certificates

From left to right: Alexander Habtegergish, Manuela Steiner (Managing Partner Courage your way), Nourshan Shamsi, Andrea Isler (Co-Founder Courage your way); Cüneyt Özil; Evi Gericke (Co-Founder Courage your way), Abdo Kamkhally, Beatrice Schweighauser, Prorektorin SSTH

Recipient SSTH certificates

From left to right: Nourshan Shamsi, Cüneyt Özil, Abdo Kamkhally, Alexander Habtegergish

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