28 students from the EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality (SSTH) received their diploma on Thursday, May 23, 2019. They now hold the title of "Dipl. Hôtelière-Restauratrice/Hôtelier-Restaurateur HF". 19 students completed the German class, 9 the English class. 12 students come from Liechtenstein, China, Germany and the USA, 16 Swiss students received their diplomas. Simon P. Rindlisbacher, Director Hospitality Services at SSTH was the guest speaker.

28 new professionals for the hotel and catering industry
The 28 graduates have spent three years being trained at the EHL Hotel Management School Passugg (SSTH). Sandra Saxer from Oberstammhein was the Valedictorian of the German class, Tiffany Cadsky from Zurich received the coveted award in the English class. Rebekka Gex-Fabry from hotelleriesuisse and Werner Nef from HOTELA presented the best students with their donated prizes.

Award ceremony
The best diploma thesis was written by Felicitas vom Bey on the topic "Soft Skills in Management". The prize for the best business plan, in which a catering concept for the operation of a restaurant was developed by mentally handicapped people, went to the students Felicitas vom Bey, Livia Klötzli, Michelle Müller, Sandra Jann and Tobias Wagner.

During the speech from Simon P. Rindlisbacher, he talked about his experiences after graduating from a hotel management school. For more than 16 years he was on the road as General Manager in various hotels and cities in Asia. Among other things, he gave the young hoteliers the following tip: "Never forget where you come from and maintain the network that you have built up here at the school but also in the practical semesters and will continue to expand. Learn every day, be open for new things and never give up. Even if it will sometimes be very hard in the professional world".

Popular managers thanks to practical training
The higher technical college trains managers for the hotel and catering industry. The "Dipl. Hôtelière-Restauratrice / dipl. Hôtelier-Restaurateur HF" course is recognised by the Swiss Confederation and classified as tertiary education. The degree is highly regarded in the industry because it teaches a wide range of management skills in strategic and operational topics as well as sound and comprehensive practical knowledge. This high level of professional competence opens doors to exciting careers, both nationally and internationally. But no end is without a new beginning - SSTH students can return to Passugg in the future to deepen their education with the EHL Bachelor.

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The graduates:

Back from left to right: Benjamin Josi (Spiez); Lena Luzi (Rodersdorf); David Alahapperuma (Oetwil an der Limmat); Nicolas Ammann (Wittenbach); Robin Eichmüller (Münchenstein); Thomas Schreiber (Domat/Ems); Michelle Müller (Triesen); Tobias Wagner (Schaffhausen); Gieri Albin (Curaglia)

Middle from left to right: Mark Fässler (USA und Appenzell); Jingwen Zhang (China); Xinyi Ding (China); Ruiwen Liu (China); Sheila Hediger (Ennetmoos); Chantal Dutoit (Hirschthal); Nadja Steiger (Willisau); Livia Klötzli (Würenlingen); Sandra Jann (Malans); Sandra Saxer (Oberstammheim); Tiffany Cadsky (Zürich); Yuhao Chen (China)

Front from left to right: Yuanqing Chen (China); Alissia Casagrande (Eschen); Felicitas vom Bey (Germany); Stéphanie Morand (Kilchberg); Amarjargal Tsend-Ayush (Flawil)

Missing on the photo: Jingjing Zhao (China); Shuge Zhao (China)

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