With the new title “Certified Swiss Hotelier/Restaurateur HF”, the 33 graduates of the Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality have every reason to be very proud. Last Thursday, they were able to receive the coveted Swiss Federal Professional Education and Training Degree. These specialists take out into the world key Swiss values such as quality, diligence and hospitality, and are highly prized in the hotel and gastronomy sectors because of their distinct professionalism.

33 New Professionals for the Hotel und Gastronomy Industry

In total, 23 students graduated from the German language, three-year HF program of SSTH. A further 10 students graduated from the equivalent program taught in English. The English program is primarily for international students, although it is also open to Swiss who prefer to demonstrate their English proficiency and profit from the cross-cultural atmosphere of the program. On hand to celebrate their achievement and hand over the diplomas was Mr. Martin Michel (Department of Education), Markus Brocker (member of the Board), Ueli Schneider (Head of Education and Member of Management Team for Swiss Hotel Association), as well as Eduardo de Magalhaes (SSTH Alum and Director of Business Development for the Turicum Hotel Management Group), who informed the students of the opportunities open to SSTH alumni.

„Get out of your comfort zone and gather experience“

As a former student of SSTH, it was especially important wish for Mr. de Magalhaes to pass on good advice for the graduate’s professional future. He challenged the freshly made alumni to break out of their comfort zones and trust themselves to be up for the new experience ahead, quoting Richard Branson: “If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!“. Failing is not bad, as long as they have tried their best. The future starts with one step, and now is the time to begin their professional journey.

Enjoyment and passion should shape future actions

Knut Rupprecht, the Director of SSTH, and the Dean, Ulrike Kuhnhenn stressed in their speeches the stamina needed to make it this far, and congratulated them at having passed the last of the school hurdles. With their newly acquired practical skills, the graduates will be able to dive immediately into their professional lives. The culmination of their strenuous time at SSTH was celebrated in a festive diploma ceremony. Mr. Nestor Wildhaber, in the name of the restaurant Cavigilli in Flims, handed over the prize for the best business plan in the German language program, while Ueli Schneider from Swiss Hotel Association presented a voucher for continuing education to the student with the best grade point average. For the English division, Flurin Cadonau from Hotela, presented the prize for highest grade point average, and both divisions were awarded prizes for the best Diploma Papers. To close the ceremony, Ms. Kuhnhenn wished all newly awarded graduates, “Much enjoyment through engagement and passion, that will have contagious effects on their future guests”.

Bright Future Thanks to Practical Orientation

The Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality trains future hotel and gastronomy professionals. The degree program “Swiss Professional Degree HF” (dipl.  Hôtelière-Restauratrice HF / dipl. Hôtelier-Restaurateur HF) is accredited through the newly designed federal framework for professional colleges, through which operational as well as strategic subjects are taught using praxis oriented training so that graduates may immediately take on positions of responsibility in an international career. No ending without another beginning—students of SSTH can also look forward to returning to Passugg or joing the parent company, Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), to carry on with their studies, for a Bachelor of Science degree should they wish.

Celebrating their Diploma as «Certified Swiss Hotelier/Restaurateur HF»: The 10 freshly anointed graduates of the English division program of SSTH AG in Passugg

The graduates at a glance:

From left to right, back: Phuc Nguyen Huynh Thanh (Vietnam), Fernando Miguel Ruiz Villacorta (Spanien), Kyungsoon Kim (Südkorea), Vibhav Lodha (Indien), Laust Tobias Andersen (Dänemark)

Front: Armine Gevorgyan (Armenien), Shitian Dai (China), Ji Hyea Park (Südkorea), Xiaojie Zhu (China), Anastasia Milovanova (Russland)

The 23 freshly anointed graduates of the German division program of SSTH AG in Passugg

SSTH absolvents HFd 2015

From left to right, back: Michelle Dominique Sigron (Meinisberg), Petra Gstöhl (Vaduz), Laura Braisch (Rorschach), Ksénia Wenk (Schiers), Gianna Camagni (Trimmis), Tobias Seewer (Arlesheim), Michelle Eugster (Rüthi SG), Alexandra Suter (Brütten), Lucas Camenisch (Flims-Dorf), Marko Nesic (Wallisellen), Nadia Keller (Péry), Cristina Kopp (Scharans)

Middle: Mari Kindyakova (St. Gallen), Muriel Bättig (Sta. Maria), Lukas Rusterholz (Freienstein), Sercan Safran (Jona), Laura Scifo (Basel), Kim Frankhauser (Davos Platz)

Front: Yannick Härtel (Davos Platz), Claudio Usznula (Ermatingen), Christopher Haselbach (Flims), Mantou Pfluger (Solothurn)

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