Which promising business concepts could the Swiss 'master of wine' use to turn the Baroque Schloss Freudental into a roaring success?

This was the challenging task given to HF5 students. The goal was to develop a business plan and present it to the man setting the challenge as well as a panel of experts. The challenge-setter was Philipp Schwander, who was accompanied and advised by Helmut Kennerknecht, former mayor of Allenspach and Karin Lindner, CEO at Schloss Freudental.

Thus students got down to business: how to deepen the symbiosis between wine and man, and how to establish a meeting point for wine lovers. One of the presentations centred on creating the perfect balance between wine and food. Another suggestion involved a detailed focus on the Baroque period, the idea being to transport guests to the Baroque era with a 13-course spread, wine from a cask and period costume. A third group decided to look at boosting exclusivity with a Members Club and entering into cooperation with other castles. All these creative ideas were underpinned by survey results as well as interviews with experts and architects.  

The Baroque Schloss Freudental assignment proved to be a real challenge, as additional renovations and extensions are not permitted due to the building's status as a listed building. However, as a hotelier, Schwander is seeking to reach the same heights as his wine business: with the aid of input from students, he would like to transform his palace into a true 'gem'. The ingenious new ideas as well as suggestions for improvement regarding the existing structures will certainly help him on his way.

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