The Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality (SSTH) in Passugg runs two excellent, internationally oriented courses – its Swiss Professional Degree in Hospitality Management (conducted in English) and the top-up Bachelor’s Degree in International Hospitality Management (following the curriculum of the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne – EHL). Students live and study in a multicultural environment in the heart of the Grisons Alps.

Switzerland already welcomes a high volume of international visitors, and the number still keeps on increasing. Delivering a highly professional service requires exemplary intercultural awareness, a genuine understanding of other cultures, and superlative communication and interpersonal skills. In essence, this calls for an ability to interact with people from different cultures in an appropriate, open-minded and sympathetic manner.

The international character of the Passugg hospitality management school pervades its entire 50-year history. Representing more than 20 nationalities, its diverse student body offers talented young people a unique opportunity to study and live at the heart of a truly international campus community. Whether they plan to work in the hotel trade, catering or other sectors – experience, understanding and an appropriate manner toward international clients are all taught in this extensive training program toward a top professional qualification.

Swissness and internationality form part of the SSTH’s DNA

The essence of the training concept at the Passugg hospitality management school lies in combining top-level practical professional training with the teaching of cutting-edge management skills. The course is set in an international environment embellished with typical Swiss character. The SSTH is proud to offer the groundbreaking new top-up bachelor’s program (BSc), which offers students the unique opportunity to continue their studies in English or German after completing the Swiss Professional Degree in Hospitality Management and graduate with a BSc in “International Hospitality Management.” This course follows the curriculum of the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, the world’s pre-eminent hospitality management school, and is hence also affiliated with the Bologna Process. SSTH graduates complete an extensive training program that opens up a wide range of career opportunities. At the same time, the SSTH is also recognized by those in the know as a rich source of fresh talent and up-and-coming young managers.

Learning Switzerland’s culinary specialties – baking a local twist bread together.

The valuable experience internationality provides

The students’ rigorous studies and professional practical training with added international flair are carefully augmented with various project work. One of the key study objectives is learning to work as a team with fellow students from different countries and to experience international interaction first-hand. Different cultures also use different approaches and problem-solving methods. For everyone involved, this offers new insights and stimulates positive personal development. It’s not only the students who benefit from these multicultural experiences, but to a great extent also their future employers. In the hotel trade, catering and many other sectors, it’s the staff that makes all the difference. Ultimately, everyone stands to benefit from their wealth of ideas, innovative strength and communication skills, but especially the guests – and it is they who come first.

Passugg hospitality management school – where Swissness and internationality blend in the Grisons Alps

The SSTH Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality in Passugg delivers first-class education, accredited by the Swiss federal government, with two top qualifications in hospitality management. Prospective trade professionals and management in the hotel and catering sector can choose from a range of training and study courses – from foundation vocational training to the Swiss Professional Degree in Hospitality Management or even the Bachelor’s Degree in International Hospitality Management (Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne curriculum).
The SSTH combines its sophisticated programs with top-caliber practical training. Students get plenty of chance to practice their acquired skills in the different in-house restaurants, at reception and in housekeeping.

Around 300 students from 20 countries follow courses at the Passugg campus near Chur.

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