With the new title “Swiss Professional Degree HF”, the 16 graduates of the Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality have every reason to be proud. Last Wednesday, they received the coveted Swiss Federal Professional Education and Training Degree. These specialists take out into the world key Swiss values such as quality, diligence and hospitality, and are highly prized in the hotel and gastronomy sectors because of their distinct professionalism.

16 new professionals for the hotel und gastronomy industry
In total, 14 students graduated from the German taught, three-year HF program at SSTH. A further 2 students received the Post Graduate Diploma. This is aimed primarily at students who have completed their initial education abroad and want to supplement it with a Swiss qualification and the benefits of the international campus atmosphere in Passugg. On hand to celebrate their achievements and hand over the diplomas were, Mr. Martin Michel (Department of Education), André Witschi (President of the SSTH Board of Directors and President of the EHL Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne Foundation), Markus Brocker (Member of the SSTH Board), Ueli Schneider (Head of Education and Member of Management Team for the Swiss Hotel Association) as well as Werner Nef (Customer Consultant at HOTELA).

"Today is a day of recognition"
The graduates started their studies with great hope and expectation; they have now reached their goal and can proudly receive their coveted award. Knut Rupprecht, Director of SSTH, congratulates the graduates on climbing an important step on the ladder of a promising career. He wishes the graduates flexibility and adaptability in a fast-paced professional environment. Dean, Ulrike Kuhnhenn is convinced that in the future each day will hide a new challenge, which the graduates will master with help of what has been learnt at SSTH and having promoted competent leaders to their sides. According to André Witschi President of the SSTH Board of Directors, the command of all facets of the profession makes the SSTH Passugg graduates stand out. To conclude he wishes them “passion and joy in a great profession!”

Attractive prospects: management skills and in-depth practical knowledge
The Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality trains future hotel and gastronomy professionals. The degree program “Swiss Professional Degree HF” (dipl.  Hôtelière-Restauratrice HF / dipl. Hôtelier-Restaurateur HF) is accredited through the federal framework for professional colleges and is newly classified as tertiary education. The reputation of this particular qualification in this branch is high because a versatile competence in strategic and operational management along with an in-depth and extensive practical knowledge is achieved. This high level of expertise opens doors to exciting national and international careers.

No ending without another beginning—students of SSTH can also look forward to returning to Passugg or joing the parent company EHL, to carry on with their studies, for a Bachelor of Science degree should they wish.

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