The Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality (SSTH) takes pole position among hospitality management schools with two top degrees in hotel management and its membership of the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) Group. It leads the market with its unique blend of discerning practical training and top-caliber academic teaching.

During its 50-year history as a hospitality management school, the SSTH has not only gathered a wealth of experience but also earned a very high standing in the industry. The SSTH provides a first-class education accredited by the Swiss federal government. It trains up-and-coming trade professionals and management in the hotel and catering sector – during the preparatory year, on its Swiss Professional Degree in Hospitality Management, and right through to the BSc in International Hospitality Management.

The twin-track model lies at the heart of the SSTH, combining top-level practical professional training with the teaching of cutting-edge management skills. Students get to apply their acquired skills in an authentic environment in our four in-house restaurants and the school hotel. The SSTH sets a range of challenging assignments that include planning and organizing events, various projects and compiling business plans, all of which provide excellent opportunities to put management theory into practice.

Preparatory Year: Foundation for the Swiss Professional Degree in Hospitality Management

The quality standards attached to the SSTH’s Swiss state accreditation stipulate one year’s vocational experience in the hotel or catering profession as a prerequisite for entry to the Swiss Professional Degree program. The preparatory year can deliver this experience to the highest possible standard. The vital core knowledge and a wide repertoire of skills are acquired during the 5-month training program in Passugg. After this, students complete a 6-7-month paid internship at one of the SSTH’s partner hospitality establishments in Switzerland.

Swiss Professional Degree: Developing core skills

The course of study for the Swiss Professional Degree, which can be taken in either English or German, teaches extensive expertise in management disciplines such as economics, marketing, human resources and communications. Academic studies are combined with a wide range of practical courses in all operative areas of hospitality, i.e. kitchen, service, reception and housekeeping. The three-year program at the SSTH provides students with a top-caliber practical and academic education in preparation for a managerial role in the sector.
The Bachelor’s Degree: Extending strategic managerial skills

The SSTH is proud to offer the groundbreaking new top-up bachelor’s program (BSc), which offers students the unique opportunity to continue their studies after completing the Swiss Professional Degree in Hospitality Management and graduate with a BSc in International Hospitality Management HES-SO. This course follows the curriculum of the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, the world’s pre-eminent hospitality management school, and is hence also affiliated with the Bologna Process. Graduates of the EHL bachelor’s degree in Passugg are eligible for admission to the master’s degree offered by the EHL or at other universities, which opens up entirely new international career avenues for SSTH graduates.

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