Curtain up: great things have been happening at the SSTH Hotel Management School in Passugg. The historic spa hotel has been given a modern infusion, thanks to considerable investment in the school’s renovation of its kitchen infrastructure and restaurants. As a top educational institution, SSTH wants to set trends and create an experiential environment designed to awaken the emotions.

The kitchen and in-house restaurants were renovated over the summer break to reflect this philosophy. Now different culinary concepts are united in Passugg under one roof. Internal and external guests of the SSTH can be pampered with culinary delights created by the students – whether in the open show kitchen, the new bistro with an international flair, or the classic guéridon service.

The modern architectural elements blend with the grand hotel charm of the school. The overall goal is to create space for living and learning in a first-class hotel environment. Simulating a live 5-star hotel situation benefits students, staff and guests


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