The Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality (SSTH) in Passugg has started to build an excellence centre for gastronomy. It seeks to act as a lighthouse project for practically oriented education in Switzerland. The school has already acquired initial experience with this newly structured, dual training model.

The new focus in the modern education facilities at the SSTH School Hotel in Passugg is on the culinary arts. The recently opened practice restaurant allows the students to complete a uniquely professional education that provides ideal preparation for everyday hotel routines. This dual training course at the SSTH, which blends theory with practice, meets the standards required of 4 and 5-star hotels.

Students work in realistic settings, practising their skills in classic cuisine, buffet and self-service, and even in a French bistro. Besides work in the kitchen itself, the students also practice various service styles such as guéridon, banquets and à la carte. Paulaner’s offers regional and seasonal cuisine in its unique Bavarian ambience. It is open to external guests to lunch from Monday to Thursday, subject to reservation.

Here, students can benefit from the experience of recognised experts, the chef de cuisine Gion Fetz and the patissier Lars Hellenbrand – who moved to the school in Passugg from The Dolder Grand, a five-star hotel in Zürich – and their current, well-coordinated team. They are happy to pass on their knowledge, elevating the students to a state-of-the-art level. A solid foundation and upkeep of the necessary basic education are key elements here. Nevertheless, executive chef Gion Fetz is keen to use this as a foundation to incorporate more advanced, modern cooking techniques and to try out current trends with the students.

The initial response to the new training concept has been resoundingly positive. The students complete stints in all restaurants and training areas, from the kitchen to service, and therefore acquire valuable experience for their future professional lives.

Students in the convenience kitchen prepare meals that are popular in hotel room service:

One focus of the culinary arts at the SSTH is placed on the patisserie:

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