A contest of skill among our hoteliers of the future – at the Young Hoteliers Summit at EHL in Lausanne. Forty hotel management schools from across the globe sent their top students to take part in the competition; this year SSTH was represented by Hannes Schild and Dominique Andrea from HF5. They were accompanied by Andreas Stump, lecturer in Financial Management and Controlling at SSTH.

In addition to keynote speakers, workshops and panel discussions, students took up the gauntlet of creating a presentation on a predetermined subject. In a challengingly short time and in groups drawn at random, this year's teams were tasked with describing in detail each individual stage for a 9-year training course designed for future Four Seasons General Managers (reduced from 15 years as is the case now). Of course, they also had to convince the judging panel of their proposal.

Hannes Schild's team not only delivered one of the most visually striking presentations, they also won the judges over with a solid foundation to their plan and clear training stages that would be easy to reproduce. After such hard work, Hannes Schild and the team were deservedly very proud of their victory at the YHS – and celebrated until the early hours. The team won a stay at a hotel, where they will be able to shadow the General Manager and gain some valuable insights into work behind the scenes.

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