1st semester Swiss Professional Degree “Dipl. Hôtelière-Restauratrice HF”

As a student of Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality, what made you decide to study here?
A career counselor in my hometown of Mumbai made me aware of the possibility to study hospitality in Switzerland at SSTH, so I contacted the school. I have been involved with Hospitality early on. My uncle ran a restaurant in Mumbai, and my father worked as a restaurant manager in the United States for 20 years.

What are your career objectives? Do you already have plans on what you will do after SSTH?
In Mumbai, I studied already sociology. I have always been interested in people and their behavior. Working with people and intensive communication with employees and guests is also what interests and fascinates me about the hotel industry. Later, I would like to open my own restaurant and bar, preferably in Singapore or maybe also in Switzerland. But I can also imagine taking on a job in human resources management.

Have you already been on internship? What did you like best about the internship semester?
No, but I have already looked at a few internships that interest me. I would like to do my first internship in Zurich.

What do you like most about the SSTH?
At first I had a lot of respect for coming to Passugg. It is the first time that I am in Switzerland. Mumbai is a huge and hectic city. I could not imagine being in such a small place. In retrospect, however, I have to say that this is the best environment for learning. The mountains and the quiet and calm area here in Passugg is unique for me. My favorite subject is macroeconomics with Mr. Helmi. In general, all lecturers are very professional and always very helpful if I have questions.

Let’s talk about your personal and professional development. Where did you profit most?
In Mumbai, I also worked as a receptionist and as a personal tutor for children. I had no experience in the kitchen and service practice. Here at the SSTH I got to know these workflows and gained a look behind the scenes of the hotel industry. If I go to a restaurant now, I can imagine exactly what's going on in the background. I've won a lot of self-confidence. Culturally, I’ve also benefited a lot, and was able to settle in quickly at the school. Only the weekends in Passugg, when most go home, were not easy in the beginning. But now we are a good and very international team. I even speak a few words in German.

Thanks for the interview.

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